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Virginia Apartment Movers - trusted local moving company in Virginia.

Welcome to Virginia Apartment Movers

Local and Long distance Moving Company in Virginia.

City life, as most people would tell you, is truly a lifestyle in itself. Even at home you can feel the streets outside, along with the pulse of its residents. You, like most city dwellers, have probably lived in several places around town. Well, Virginia Apartment Movers are here to make sure that where ever you decide to move, you can really feel like you're home. Virginia Apartment Movers is a full service moving company and understands that every move is different, and we strive to make sure that we can accommodate every move the way it should be accommodated. We can meet your specific needs whether you're an owner, renter, or lease holder in an apartment, condominium, or large apartment complex.

We understand that most of our customers:
1. Want to pack, move, and unpack their things in under 6 hours.
2. May not have too much furniture, but have more treasured personal belongings.
3.Have a small time frame for access to their buildings freight elevators and/or parking access for moving vehicles.
4.Are in need of storage for seasonal items at an affordable rate.

Virginia Apartment Movers goal is to maintain its company's state of professionalism and customer care. From the minute you call for your free estimate or Quote until your move is done, we make sure to make your move as smooth and efficient as possible.
What do we meen by full service moving company? Well, if you're too busy with more pressing matters, then we can do all of the packing for you and all of the unpacking once your belongings are at their new destination.
Call us today at our toll free number: Call (866) 977-3279

Our Locations

  • Maryland

    Baltimore, Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac more

  • Virginia

    Baltimore, Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac more

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Free Estimate

We provide free estimate for:

  • Long distance / local move.
  • Storage / piano moves.
  • Commercial / office moves.
  • Apartment movers.
  • Eviction short notice movers
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What do customers say about us?

  • These movers did a great job

    with my apartment in Reston Virginia. They were able to get everything to my new apartment without damages to a single thing, which was really the most important thing to me. All in all, I would definitely recommend Virginia Apartment Movers to anyone looking to move in or out of Virginia.

  • Very professional people here

    and very easy to deal with. The representative that I spoke to was really informative about everything related to my move. Once the movers got here on moving day, they got right to work and had the truck loaded fairly quickly considering how much I had to move.

  • I used Virginia Apt Movers on

    more than one occasion and they were just as good each time. After three moves with them, they still hold a perfect record for no damages, which is pretty impressive. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a moving company in Virginia.

  • After being all nervous

    about finding the right moving company to get me moved into my new apartment in Virginia, I was happy to have come here! These guys knew exactly what they were doing and had me moved pretty fast. Also, nothing was broken! Very good job done by these movers.

  • I really needed a moving company

    that could handle a move on short notice. I gave this place a call and they told me that they could handle it. I was a bit skeptical about it, but I gave them the job and im glad I did. They got me settled into a new apartment when I really needed it with great success.

  • My apartment was not only full of

    antiques (I'm a collector), but I also had a piano that needed to be moved. I knew this would be intimidating for a moving company. Virginia Apartment Movers handled it very well, and with great confidence. My delicate items were moved successfully in once piece. Great work!

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